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Warmblood Stud HistoryArgentille Ivanka - Warmblood Mare by Argentille Ilkay / Valuta - at Sydney Royal Show

The Warmblood Stud at Bellingara first started in 1999 with the purchase of "Centennial Dais", a Thoroughbred mare with a Jazz foal at foot. The use of frozen semen from European Warmbloods was still fairly new in Australia, and we were excited to see the stallions on offer and become breeders of top class Warmblood horses for dressage.

Soon after buying Dais, we purchased a couple of mares from Val D'Argent stud, one of the largest Warmblood studs in NSW at the time. These mares were

  • Argentille Ivanka (Ilkay/Valuta) (pictured right)
  • Trimba Honour (Kilof McOhl/xx) with her outstanding filly foal
  • Argentille Barbarella by the imported German Hannoverian Biathlon (Bolero/Solist).


    Warmblood Mare Selection

    Our Warmblood mares have been selected for temperament and trainability, essential traits for the breeding of performance sport horses. In addition to this, they have excellent conformation and movement together with strong dressage performance bloodlines.

    Warmblood Stallions in our Mare's Pedigrees

    • Olympic Ferro (frozen semen)
    • Sandro Hit (frozen semen)
    • Jive Magic (imp)
    • Ilkay (imp)
    • Kilof McOhl (imp)
    • Bellingara Ferrero


    Warmblood Stud Stallion Selection for Breeding

    The stallions are selected for the breeding programme and carefully matched to our mares on the basis of individual type, movement and conformation. Bloodlines are chosen with emphasis on dressage performance and the quality and performance of the offspring these stallions have produced.

    Warmblood Stallions Used at Bellingara Stud

    To date, we have used Dutch and German frozen semen and the best of Australia's imported sires to achieve our goals.

    Frozen Semen Warmbloods

    • Olympic Ferro (Ulft / Farn)
    • Sandro Hit (Sandro Song / Ramino)
    • Furst Romancier (Furst Heinrich / Romancier)
    • De Niro (Donnerhall / Akzent II)

    Australian Warmbloods

    • Royal Hit (Royal Dance / Welt As)
    • Fiji R (Florencio I / Harvard)

    Olympic Ferro - One of the Frozen Semen Sires used in the breeding program at Bellingara Stud
    Olympic Ferro -
    One of the Frozen Semen Sires used in the breeding program
    at Bellingara Warmblood Stud


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