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Warmblood Foals

2015 Warmblood Foals

Black De Niro Colt

We are absolutely delighted to introduce our new De Niro foal!! A stunning black colt from our very special mare, Bellingara Fleurina (Ferro/Biathlon). This is Fleur's first foal and she hasn't disappointed. She even had him on her exact due date!

Sire: De Niro
Dam: Bellingara Fleurina
DOB: 7/12/2015

Warmblood foal by De Niro


2015 Black
De Niro Colt

De Niro
(Frozen Semen)
Donnerhall Donnerwetter Disput
Ninette P.B. Markus
Alicante Akzent II Absatz
Wiesenelfe Weisenbaum xx
Bellingara Fleurina Ferro
(Frozen Semen)
Ulft Le Mexico
Brenda Farn
Argentille Barbarella Biathlon (imp) Bolero
Trimba Honour Kilof McOhl (imp)
Trimba Perousle




Bellingara Fürst Flame

Sire: Furst Romancier
Dam: Blue Pines Junee
DOB: 11/11/2015

Blue Pines Junee and her colt foal by Furst Romancier.



Fürst Flame

Fürst Romancier
(Frozen Semen)
Fürst Heinrich Florestan I Fidelio
Dawina Donnerhall
Ronja Romancier Rosenkavalier
Edwina Winston
Blue Pines Junee Jive Magic (imp)  Jazz Cocktail
by Ulster
Kind of Magic Fruhling
by Aktion
Riverina R Regardez Moi (imp) Rubinstein I
Lucilla Ludendorf (imp)



2010 Warmblood Foals

We were very happy to produce three Warmblood foals for 2010.

Details are below.

Colt Foal by Fiji R (imp)

2010 Chestnut Colt Foal

Fiji (imp) Florencio  Florestan I Fidelio
Walessa Weltmeyer
Hawaii  Harvard Hohenstein
Habanera Hill Hawk
Jive's Delight Jive Magic (imp)  Jazz Cocktail
by Ulster
Kind of Magic Fruhling
by Aktion
Diamond Delight Don Ramiro (imp) Don Primero
by Pik Bube I
Kenare Snowshoes Salute
by Ludendorf


Warmblood Colt Foal by Royal Hit (imp)


Warmblood Foal by Royal Hit (imp) our of Argentille Ivanka

2010 Chestnut Colt Foal

Royal Hit (imp) Royal Dance  Rohdiamant Rubinstein I
by Inschallah
Petrochka Donnerhall
by Weltcup II
Loretta  Ramino Ramiro
by Dominik
Lassie Welt As
by Luciano
Argentille Ivanka Illkay (imp)  Variant Afrikaner
by Eros
Dorette Ramiro
by Ladykiller
Valerie Valuta (imp) Dominent
by Alf
Graephil Rosie O'Grady xx Rowston Major xx
by Meadow Mist xx


3. Brown colt by Bellingara Ferrero

2010Brown Colt Foal

Bellingara Ferrero Ferro  Ulft Le Mexico
by Pericles
Brenda Farn
by Prefekt
Argentille Ivanka  Ilkay (imp) Variant
by Ramiro
Valerie Valuta (imp)
by Rowston Major
Centennial Dais xx Coe xx  Makor Herbager
Black Robin Round Robin
Golden Mink
Shanesa xx Denizen Habitat
Brilliant Star Todman


2007 Warmblood Foals

Trimba Honour has given birth to a beautiful bay filly, born September 27th 2007. This foal is very special, being the first from 22yo Honour in the eight years we have owned her. She is also the first foal by our stallion Bellingara Ferrero (Ferro/Ilkay/Valuta).

2007 Filly by Bellingara Ferrero/Kilof McOhl
Photo above taken at 5 days old.


Bellingara Ferrero x Trimba Honour 2007 Filly
Photo taken at 8 days old.

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