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Bellingara Titan

Sire: Trentlyn Benson
Dam: Dalgangle Tinsel (SOD: Dalgangle Lady's Man)
DOB: 15/08/2009

Titan is a handsome young colt with excellent legs and good bone. Brown roan turning grey, will dapple over the coming years. Sired by Trentlyn Benson (Supreme Welsh Sydney Royal). Dam Dalgangle Tinsel also a Royal winner. This showy colt has super movement, and look-at-me pizazz. He has a quiet, friendly nature. Tall and well grown, should mature 12hh. Video & photos below.
$1750 - SOLD



Bellingara Titan
Bellingara Titan January 30th 2011

Bellingara Titan

Bellingara Titan





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